Hill - Chiropractic Care Has Helped Reduce His Pain

Phillip - Runs More Effectively After Chiropractic Care

Dan - Standing up Taller After Chiropractic Care

Maggie - Marathon Runner Who Suffers from Chronic Migraines

Catherine Just Loves Chiropractic Care.

Leslie Feels Younger After Chiropractic Care.

Here are are few of the written testimonials we received from our patients.

Dr. Murphy did acupuncture on me for my seasonal allergies. No more headaches, no more sinus pain, no more sneezing. Amazing!

Katie B.

Dr. Murphy has been a tremendous help to me in treating my sciatiaca. The pain is almost gone, as I am still on my treatment plan. I am able to move around more freely. Everyone in the office is helpful and friendly.

David F.

Last November I was told that my blood pressure was excessively high at 150/97 and that I should go on medication for it. That was the highest my blood pressure had ever been. I started seeing Dr. Nicole Murphy at Whole LIfe Chiropractic shortly thereafter for aches and pains. After a few short months of having my back, neck and limbs adjusted, I went to the blood center to donate another pint of blood. Imagine my surprise when I learned that my blood pressure was now 115/79! Since it was the holiday/winter season, I hadn't changed my diet; in fact, my diet was probably worse. I hadn't changed my exercise routine, nor did I take any medications for high blood pressure.

I am delighted that I no longer have to consider taking blood pressure medication since mine is now well within the normal range. Thank you Dr. Nicole. I had not idea that chiropractic could improve my health in so many areas.

Claudia R.

My teenage daughter was diagnosed with Schuermman's kyphosis. She had a stiff, rigid spine, was uncomfortable and had bad posture. Dr. Nicole worked with her and showed her exercises to help strengthen her limbs, improve her posture and, best of all, provided treatment for her back. Now her back is straighter, she has more movement and her knees don't hurt.

Also, I suffer from a neck injury that went untreated for over a year. Dr. Nicole provided treatment, and now I can easily move my head side-to-side. I feel like a new person! We have to say, "Thank you, Dr. Nicole!"

Stephanie F.

I came in with neck pain. After just a few visits, I was pain free. Hooray for Dr. Nicole!!

Donna F.

I have been bringing my son to see Dr. Nicole since he was 12 weeks old. Even though there were no problems with his birth, I knew it was important to have him adjusted because of the normal stress put on his little body through the entire birthing process. It was important to me to know that he started his life on the right track. He is now 6 months old and loves being adjusted! He has not had any health issues and is such a happy baby, which I contribute a large part to him getting adjusted on a regular basis. It is reassuring to know that there is a natural way to keep my baby boy happy and healthy!

Becca H.

I have been going to Whole Life Chiropractic since September 2009. At that time, I was barely able to walk, which is why I sought out chiropractic care. Since then, I have learned a lot. Dr Nicole gave me a treatment plan, and through a series of adjustments, I was able to walk again. I now return for maintenance visits with a few setbacks here and there.

I’ve been to several chiropractic offices over the years, but none were as personable as Whole Life Chiropractic. Dr. Nicole never made me feel rushed and is always calm and patient, even when she has other things going on. She also understands how everyone has different personalities and learns things in different ways. She is very knowledgeable, not only with chiropractic information, but also in other ways to be healthy and live well.

I used to think back pain was only a physical problem until I started seeing Dr Nicole. She has told me there are other areas in my life I can improve on in order to decrease and/or eliminate pain. She does everything she can to give everyone tools to help realize ways to live well outside of chiropractic care. She has a true passion for what she does which is very inspiring to others.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her knowledge and support.

Meghan A.

I was under the impression that chiropractors were just there to "pop" your back and take your money. Boy, was I wrong!

In November 2010, I went to the Sprint Health Fair on campus and saw people getting a chiropractic reading from a machine used on the neck and shoulders. I thought, "Why not? Let me see what the doctor tells me." Was I surprised when the machine pointed out that I had severe misalignment in places where I had back, neck and shoulder pain! Dr. Nicole did not pressure me, but rather encouraged me to come into her office for an initial exam and she would explain how her services would help me.

Again, I was surprised at what the initial scan showed and how it correlated to all my pains. I decided to have Dr. Nicole begin treatments in November and quickly saw how I was able to stand much taller and go through my day with less pain. She takes time with me, answering all of my questions and suggesting exercises to do at home to help with my healing process.

I feel 100% better, inside and out, and I'm grateful for Dr. Nicole's knowledge of the human body and overall health and wellness. I strongly recommend Whole Life Chiropractic and Dr. Nicole to everyone!! Thank you my friend.

Linda S.

I met Dr. Nicole Murphy 2 years ago in early 2009 in a networking group. I had never been to a chiropractor, but had always considered going, mainly for relief from recurrent headaches. What originally drew me to Nicole was her immediate ease with people when she talked to them about what she did (and her obvious enthusiasm and love for what she does). As I got to know her better I found that she really cared about helping those in pain.

She provides more than just chiropractic and acupuncture services. Her knowledge of total body health far surpasses others in her field. She is concerned with total well-being and what is best for "you". She is not afraid to think "outside the box" for those of us who are a little more complicated to "fix".

Earlier this year, she passed the ultimate test. She referred me to someone else when the chiropractic adjustments just weren't helping with a certain issue. That is the gold standard that I hold every health care professional to, and most don't measure up. Nicole is more concerned that I feel better than her financial gain, and that means she is a true "care-giver" with the utmost integrity!

I have gone to a couple of other chiropractors since I started going to Dr. Nicole (due to insurance coverage reasons) and I can honestly say that no one holds a candle to Nicole in technique, knowledge and the level of care and compassion she gives her patients. I cannot say enough good things about her. I trust her completely and will even ask her opinion about other health related issues that one would normally reserve for their general practice or primary care doctor.

Lora F.


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