Event Pictures

Potpourri of Self Care 

 An Online Webinar by Sarah Uchytil, PCC 

 May 6, 2020 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Potpourri of Self Care

Dr. Nicole and Erin hosted a fun, interactive webinar which was presented by Sarah Uchytil, PCC. During the seminar, Sarah talked about ways to keep our energy drains low and our self care high. She focused on the different energy drains: physical, emotional and mental. Sarah also shared ideas for developing your daily, weekly, monthly & annual self care plan. 

Whole Life Chiropractic's 11th Birthday Celebration 

Fundraiser for SafeHome

March 7, 2020

We had an amazing birthday party and fundraiser for SafeHome in Overland Park. The event was the best attended event we have ever held and raised a record dollar amount for SafeHome. We added online scheduling which helped us stay organized and see more people during the day's events. Dr. Nicole and Dr. Corey donated their time to offer adjustments for $10 and Erin offered chair massages during the event for a $5 donation. We had the best Silent Auction to date and raised right at $1000 from that alone and people bought some pretty amazing items. Thanks to everyone who donated an item to our Silent Auction. We also added a 50/50 Raffle. The winner and SafeHome should have split the pot evenly but as is the case with so many of our customers, the winner made SafeHome's portion even larger. We are so happy to have so many wonderful people in our lives and thank everyone of you who made it to the event. Also, this year, Price Chopper in Rosanna Square very generously donated the cake to our event which we greatly appreciated and also helped us to donate more to our cause.  We love you all. Here are a few photos which show what an amazing morning we had. 

Silent Auction SafeHome 1   Silent Auction SafeHome 2

11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 1  

11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 2    11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 3    11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 3

11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 4    11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 5 11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 6

11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 7 11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 8    11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser for SafeHome 9

Erin Chair Massage and 11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser 1   Erin Chair Massage and 11th Birthday Celebration Fundraiser 2

Girl's Night Out Fundraiser for SafeHome

 Oct. 24, 2019 

After taking a year off, we were really excited to bring back our Girl's Night Out which is a fundraiser for SafeHome in Overland Park. The additional space made the event a huge success. We had 11 different vendors and many of them offered prizes which we drew for throughout the evening. Dr. Corey spent the evening doing spinal scans and offering stress-reducing acupuncture while Erin took care of providing the relaxation with her wonderful chair massages. Hollie was in charge of serving up the wine which was, or course, the biggest hit of the evening. We had a representative from SafeHome at the event educating our guests on the services of SafeHome. We thank everyone who joined us and we look forward to continuing the event again next year. 

SafeHome Booth at the GNO Event    Norwex Booth at GNO Event    Erin Chair Massage at GNO Event

Stella & Dot Booth at GNO Event  .  Panther and Crow Booth GNO Event

Color Street Winner at GNO Event  .  Shopping at GNO Event

Sprint Lunch and Learn

 August 21, 2019

Dr. Nicole spoke at Sprint today. Her Lunch and Learn topic was called "Eat Well 2 Live Well." We thoroughly enjoyed the questions that this group had. We love to share health and wellness. Give our office a call to set up a Lunch and Learn with either Dr. Nicole or Dr. Corey. We come to your office and we even provide the food.  

Dr. Nicole Sprint Lunch and Learn   Sprint Lunch and Learn 2019

IQVIA (Formerly Quintiles) Health Fair

June 5, 2019

We had a wonderful day talking to so many employees at IQVIA's Health Fair. We offered chair massage and spinal scans. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. 

Dr. Corey at IQVIA    Dr. Nicole at IQVIA

Wholistic Wellness Care for YOU Event

April. 10, 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening with a wonderful group of people wanting to learn more about wellness care. In a world of people who wait to be sick to seek treatment, it is awesome to meet people looking to avoid sickness. Dr. Nicole offered stress-reducing acupuncture and Erin was doing much needed chair massage. Thanks to everyone who attended. 

Wholistic Wellness Event Stress Reducing ACU

Erin Chair Massage at Wholistic Wellness Care for You Event  .  Stress Reducing ACU at Wholistic Care for You Event

Whole Life Chiropractic Grand Re-opening 

Nov. 3, 2018

Our Grand Re-opening was open to the public and was our opportunity to show off our new space to the general public. We had so many of our current and past patients join us. The morning was a little windy but that didn't stop us from serving up unlimited pancakes and sausage to our guests and enjoying Mimosas. We have been talking about this expansion for quite some time so we were very excited to take people on a tours and show off our new space. 

Eileen McCoy was available to draw caricatures of our guests. They were an amazing take away. If you are interested in booking Eileen for your event, you can find her on the web at http://www.eileenmccoy.com/.

Breakfast Spin the Wheel

Drawing 1 Hill and Carol


 Whole Life Chiropractic Ribbon Cutting

Nov. 1, 2018 

The Leawood Chamber helped us to celebrate our official ribbon cutting. We are so proud to share our brand new office space which will allow us to offer more wellness care to more people. We had a wonderful turnout for our event and thank everyone who took time out of their Thursday to celebrate this wonderful day with our staff. Dr. Nicole did a demonstration of Acupuncture to any guest that wanted to give it a try. 

The Cut After the Cut

The Cake

Try Acup _01   Try Acup_02

Try Acup_03

Sprint Health Fair

 Oct. 24, 2018 

The Sprint Health Fair is probably our favorite event to do each year. Not only do we get to meet so many new people and introduce them to a healthy way of life but we also have many many patients that we already see in our office stop by to say hello. Each year, we bring 2 massage therapists to offer much needed relaxation to those who stop by our booth. We offered spinal screens which show you the muscle balance and activity in the neck. This is so eye opening to so many people and when you come into our office, we do an even more comprehensive evaluation of the spine. 

Massage at Sprint   Dr. Nicole Consults

Casye Big Smile

Spa Day at The J

July 12, 2018

The Jewish Community Center held a Spa Day at the Heritage Center. It was a gift to the membership and was very well attended. Erin and Denice both attended this event and Erin gave over 30 chair massages during the 2 hours. 

Spa Day at The J

Max Insurance Lunch and Learn

July 12, 2018

We were thrilled to be invited to present to the staff at Max Insurance. Dr. Nicole talked about 7 Steps to Peak Energy. The group had lots of questions and we hope they walked away with some tips that will help them increase their energy throughout the day. 

Max Insurance Lunch and Learn

Just for Her

June 22-24, 2018

Once again this year, Whole Life has participated in the Just for Her event at the Overland Park Convention center. There are always hundreds of vendors and thousands of people attending. Erin did chair massages and the Wheel of Prizes was a big hit. 

Just for Her 2018_1

Just for Her 2018_2 Just for Her 2018_3

Quintiles Health Fair

  June 6, 2018 

Whole Life Chiropractic attended this year's Quintiles Health Fair and it was a huge success. We love having an opportunity to share all the benefits of Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage to employees. We did spinal screens as well as chair massage. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us. 

Quintiles Spinal Scan Quintiles Spinal Scan 2

Quintiles Chair Massage

Optum Health Fair

May 23, 2018

Whole Life loves to attend corporate health fairs and bring wellness to people directly where they work. We attend Optum's health fair 2 times a year and it is always very well attended. This year we provided employees with spinal scans and much needed education on the benefits of chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. 

Optum 2018 02 Optum 2018 02

ROMEO Lunch and Learn

May 11, 2018

Have you heard of Romeo? It stands for Retired Old Men Eating Out but they do so much more than just eat out. They bring in speakers and continue to learn and educate themselves. Dr. Nicole was invited by several patients who are members of this fun group to come to one of their lunches and present information on health and wellness and how to remain healthy as you age. It was a great opportunity to point out that it is never to late to improve your health. Thank you so much for inviting us and we hope to see some of you in our office very soon. 

Romeo 01 Romeo 02

Romeo 03 Romeo 04

Noah's Crown Town 5K

April 28, 2018

For the 3rd year, Whole Life Chiropractic participated in Noah's Crown Town 5K. What a wonderful event that brings together so many people for an amazing cause. The race raises money and awareness for childhood cancer which is greatly underfunded. This year Denice, our Community Relations Director ran the race to add her support for this wonderful cause. 

Goal Star Wars

Erin Post Massage 01 Erin Post Massage 02

Denice Ran

Wine and Unwind at Office Evolution

April 18, 2018

We joined forces with Office Evolution and The Jewish Community Center to offer an opportunity for our guest to reduce their stress after this year's tax season with a Wine and Unwind event. Participants could try stress-reducing acupuncture, participate in a small yoga stretching session or receive a much needed chair massage. Wine and snacks were served while guest took an opportunity to network with the others in attendance. 

taunya acu

chair massage

Global Connections Lunch and Learn

Mar. 13, 2018

Global Connections Lunch and Learn

Dr. Nicole presented to about 20 employees at Global Connections on the topic of DeStressing in the Workplace. Our lunch and learn programs are wonderful opportunities for employees to learn about health and wellness and begin making changes today to lead a healthier life. The employees at Global Connections enjoyed a wonderful lunch provided by Whole Life Chiropractic and they each learned about small things they can do which will help them reduce the stress in both their work and home life. If you would like something like this brought to your place of business, give us a call today.

Mardi Gras In The Office

Feb. 13, 2018

Mardi Gras was a fun day for our staff and patients. Everyone who came into the office was able to take a piece of our King's Cake and the person who found the baby received a FREE ACUPUNCTURE session with Dr. Nicole. 

Blush Fitness - Share the Love Event

Feb. 10, 2018

Dr. Nicole shared information about Acupuncture to those who attended. Several people were interested and tried Stress Reducing Acupuncture.

Our new massage therapist, Erin, offered wonderful chair massages to anyone who needed a little extra love and relaxation. Thanks to all who attended. We love our connection with Blush Fitness. 

Blush Fitness Christmas Celebration

Dec. 20, 2017

Dr. Nicole and Denice attended the first ever Christmas celebration at Blush Fitness. The participants dressed up for their Zumba class and then had an opportunity to try a little Stress Acupuncture and visit the other vendors who were set up for the night. We had a great showing with lots of ladies willing to give acupuncture a try. At the end of the night, one lucky winner, Denise B. won a full acupuncture session at our office.

Stress Acupuncture

Optum RX Health Fair

Oct 26, 2017

We once again were thrilled to be invited to the OptumRX health fair. At this year's event, we offered spinal screens which show the muscle balance and activity in the neck, we held a drawing for 2 Free Acupuncture Sessions and we offered much needed chair massages by both Rebecca and Dana. Thanks to Optum for running such a great health fair and always including us.

1 2


4 5

Blush Fitness Event

Oct 25, 2017


For the second time, Whole Life Chiropractic attended the Blush fitness Client Appreciation event. There were several vendors in attendance but as always, our booth was busy the entire time. The ladies really enjoyed the relaxing chair massages. Denice also offered Posture Screens during the event. As always we did a drawing and gave away a Free Acupuncture Session.



Oct 24, 2017

Whole Life Chiropractic was so excited to once again be a part of the Sprint Health Fair. The event was very well attended. We were able to share information about health and wellness by providing Spinal Scans which show the muscle balance and activity in the neck. This year, we had 2 massage therapists offering chair massages and they were busy with a line the entire day.

1 2

3 4

2 1

Blush Fitness Client Appreciation Event

Sept 27, 2017

Whole Life Chiropractic joined CryoSalon on Wednesday to attend Blush Fitness' Client Appreciation event. The event was well attended and participants were able to try acupuncture, massage and compression therapy.

Dr. Nicole explaining chiropractic and acupuncture to an event attendee.

Participants tried stress reducing acupuncture and sat for 10 minutes while the needles did their work.

Dana offering a much needed chair massage while another participant tries compression therapy.

Wine and Unwind at The J

Sept 19, 2017

We partnered with The Jewish Community Center for an amazing event. Participants were invited to:

Try Yoga

Learn about Foam Rolling

Try Stress Reducing Acupuncture

Enjoy a Chair Massage.

We had over 100 participant attend the event which was amazing. We love sharing information about health and wellness. If your company would be interested in an event like this, contact our Marketing Director, Denice Weybrew.

1 1

1 1

1 1



June 23-25, 2017

Whole Life Chiropractic once again had a booth at this years Just For Her Event. There were over 350 vendors. We offered chair massages and spinal scans. We also donated a free massage to the Most Deserving Woman as well as a Massage and Acupuncture to one of the baskets which was raffled off during the 3 day event.

Optum Health Fair

May 5th, 2017

This years Optum Health Fair was a huge success. We love going out into the community and teaching people about health and wellness. At this year's event, we offered spinal screens which show the muscle balance and activity in the neck, we held a drawing for 2 Free Acupuncture Sessions and we offered much needed chair massages by the one and only Rebecca. Thanks to Optum for running such a great health fair and always including us.

1 1


1 1


May 4th, 2017

We had a great time in the office on our May the Fourth Be With You Event. Patients won whether they knew the trivia question or not but we were impressed with how many Star Wars Fans we have out there. Sharpen up on your knowledge as this will be an annual event for us at Whole Life.



Noah's Crown Town 5K - April 29, 2017

The 2nd annual Noah's Crown Town 5K was a huge success. It may have been wet and chilly but just like our childhood cancer fighters face the storms of treatments and procedures, Noah's Bandage Project supporter proved they were not "fair weather fans."

1 1

1 1


Whole Life Chiropractic's 8th Birthday Celebration - March 4, 2017

As we do every year, Whole Life Chiropractic celebrated our birthday with the people we love the most, our patients. To celebrate our 8th year in business, we offered $10 adjustments and $5 chair massages to all our current patients. All proceeds from this and our Silent Auction will be donated to the Overland Park SafeHome.

1 1 1 1 1 1

1 1 1

Overland Park RV & Outdoor Show

Whole Life Chiropractic spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 24-26 meeting lots of wonderful people at this years RV & Outdoor Show. We attending with our partners from the Health and Wellmobile and offered Free Spinal Screenings and Chair massages. People come from quite a distance for this event so we really enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.


1 1

Whole Living Fest

Whole Life Chiropractic had a wonderful time participating in this year's Whole Living Fest on Saturday, Feb. 11th. We were busy from 11-5 offering chair massages and posture screens. There were many different vendors as well as clinics people could participate in live music the whole day. It was a great event that we look forward to participating in again.

1 1

New Year, New You - Jan. 28, 2017

Whole Life Chiropractic was set up in the Threshing Bee on Saturday offering chair massage and Posture screens to people while they shopped. Do you know of anyone who would like to have us attend their event. We love to get out and teach people about health and wellness and bring a little relaxation to people's day.

Patient Appreciation - Nov 1, 2016

This was our first event of it's kind at Whole Life and it was such a huge success. We had many patients as well as non-patients stop by the clinic to take advantage of the free services offered by the Health and Wellmobile and Navitas Health. Dr. Nicole offered free Stress-Reducing Acupuncture and educated everyone on what Acupuncture is and the benefits you can achieve adding acupuncture into your health care regiment. We also had lots of snacks and healthy fruit smoothies. When Rebecca was not with massage clients, she offered some free chair massages as well.

Wildtree Event - May 11, 2016

Whole Life Chiropractic partnered with Suzanne Erwin, of Wildtree, to offer a Wildtree Sampling party. Dr. Nicole talked first about what it means to be Organic, to be GMO Free and to be Gluten Free and then Suzanne address how Wildtree was started and how their products meet the needs of many people who have food allergies and who need to be GMO Free, Organic and Gluten Free. We had a wonderful evening with all who attended.

Noah's Crown Town 5K - April 23, 2016

As our first event as a partner with the Health and Wellmobile, Whole Life Chiropractic participated in the first annual Noah's Crown Town 5K. Dr. Nicole evaluated Hips, Knees and Ankle's while Rebecca offer Pre and Post Event Massage. The event was absolutely amazing and we look forward to participating again next year.

Whole Life Chiropractic's 7th Birthday Celebration - March 12, 2016

To celebrate 7 year's in this location, Whole Life Chiropractics offered $10 adjustments and $5 chair massages to all our current patients. All proceeds from this and our Silent Auction will be donated to the Overland Park SafeHome.

MOPS - December 7, 2015

Whole Life Chiropractic attending this years MOPS Christmas Party and offered Chair Massages and Stress Acupuncture. We had so much fun with all the moms.

Stress Acupuncture

Selfies with the Acupuncture needles in. So Fun!

Dr. Nicole testing to see if the Acupuncture needles are ready to come out.
Did you know that Acupuncture needles work their way out when they are done working?

Lining up for a wonderful chair massage by Rebecca.

These moms really deserved some relaxation.


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