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Coaching for a Better Life

This morning when I got to work I felt scattered. I didn't get much accomplished in the first 30 minutes of the day because I was jumping from one thing to another and not really starting or finishing any project.  I had fallen into reaction mode. The last few weeks I feel like I had been putting one fire out after another. It is exhausting and no fun. So, I stopped and layed out all of the things I needed to work on: first EVERYTHING I needed to do, then when it needed to get done.  Once I saw it all laid out in front of me I could start chipping away at it. I don't mind putting out a fire here and there because life can never be completely planned but if the you are only reacting then there is no time for being proactive. Your goals are accomplished in the proactive state.  Why am I telling you this? Everyday I see people who are reacting to life. But instead of regrouping and find their path again, they always react and are on "OPA"- other people's agenda. These people are stressed. They may not see it as stress because they have been living this way for so long but it is stress.  They could feel frustrated that they don't have time to do the things they want, or don't feel like they are where they thought they would be at this stage in their life, or they may not even know what they want to do. When you are in this state you are rudderless, you don't make active progress in life. Getting out of reaction mode and having balance in work, rest, and play is healthy.

One way to get out of this mode is to do exactly what I did, make a plan. Planning sets me up for the week and helps me focus. For those who have been living in reaction mode and don't even know how to start making a plan, a coach could be just what you need to get started. This can be a life coach, a career coach, or a wellness coach. I have a business coach myself.  Someone who can help me when I have a new step that I am ready to take (like expanding the size of the office;) ), someone who has been there and can give me guidance and things to watch out for, someone who can help me focus and keep balance in my life so I can be the best doctor for my patients. My coach keeps me accountable also, just like a personal trainer we set up what I want to see for my life and what kind of care I want to provide at Whole Life Chiropractic and we work towards those goals. 

You may be thinking that I am different than you. You don't need a coach. That may be true, but think about this, the best athletes in the world have coaches. The coach isn't better than the athlete but rather helps them to take their performance to the next level. They offer them guidance, accountability and a different perspective.  A coach can support you in a balanced, unbiased way. There are times in the process of working towards your goals that seem hopeless or impossible. Sometimes it seems daunting and you don't see the next step. A coach can be there to back you up and see the next step.  

I personally have more balance in my life.  I have learned to use my time better so I can have free time and actually enjoy it in the moment.  I am not thinking about all the things that I need to do because I have allowed time for that along with down time for fun. 

Check out this months Seeds of Wellness Series. We spoke to professional coach, Sarah Uchytil, about how and why someone might benefit from a life coach. Visit  if you are interested in finding a coach to help you!